Since its incorporation in 1987, Kent Technical Applications, Inc. (KTA) has been a leader in the installation of semiconductor production and test equipment for new and refurbished fabrication facilities around the world. KTA quickly established a firm foundation in semiconductor equipment maintenance and soon found itself supportting the gap often found between equipment and facilities groups of semiconductor manufacturing clientele. KTA's strength in equipment knowledge led to success in designing semiconductor equipment installations. Its expertise has also been applied to new stand-alone fab projects, expansions adjacent to operating facilities, toolset upgrades and de-installation projects.

As KTA succesfully completed these projects for its clients, its engenners developed a philosophy of freely-shared data developed through years of hands-on semiconductor fabrication experience. This philosophy is dependant on centralized management of all services/utilities for an immediate estimate of a facility’s utility requirements. As a result, cost is minimized as system designs match actual demand. On the other side, centralized management of all tool data is necessary. Thus, changes to tool lists or layout changes show instant feedback. This information is then used for instant creation of tool installation packages. These work toward an overall reduction of design time and resources.


KTA has worked with most major semiconductor manufacturers including AMD, Atmel, DEC, Hitachi, Motorola, National, SEMATECH, SGS Thomson, Texas Instruments and TSMC. These world class companies selected KTA because our company has the most experienced installation team in the industry. Our engineers support personnel average over 17 years of industry related experience. No other installation company has comparable staff experience, and few can rival our history of proven performance.


KTA has the knowledge and capability to serve as hookup designer, installation coordinator and construction manager. We are equally proficient working directly with a semiconductor manufacturer or as a specialized subcontractor reporting to a general contractor. We can provide installation coordination that includes design documentation, scheduling, labor and materials cost management, and quality control assurance. Our hookup design includes the development of equipment lists, schedules, installation packages with layouts, schematics and material lists, accurate documentation, and the other activities necessary to ensure a quick, successful hookup.


Our experience and expertise add up to overall effectiveness. Cost estimates, schedules, documentation and every aspect of our installations are more accurate and reliable. For example, we don’t just rely on the information provided by the semiconductor equipment manufacturers to prepare your installation documents, as often the accompanying manuals do not reflect the latest changes to the equipment. Instead, KTA engineering personnel conduct detailed fact oriented investigations that compare the documentation supplied with the equipment that is to be delivered. We work directly with the equipment manufacturers to reconcile any differences, so that the documentation and design package you receive from KTA accurately reflects the equipment to be installed.